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Setting the


for the


"Eyes are the lens through which you view your movie of life."

I approach design with a cinematic frame of reference, viewing life as a collection of moments - every moment is a scene, and every scene needs a stage.  

I've learned that a successfully designed space balances the mind, body and soul.  It poetically expresses the function it serves, evoking emotion and response from its occupants.

I collaborate with each and every one of my clients to create an unforgettable space that serves as the perfect backdrop for their 'scenes of life'.   I create value for my clients - not only in their property, but in their lives - through intuitive and thoughtful design. 

Together we will design a space that's functional, unique and timeless - a home or business you can be proud of for years to come. 

Let me help you set the stage for your "movie of life".



Hiring an interior designer has traditionally been a luxury service only for those with deep pockets.  I believe more people should have access to quality design help!  

As an independent designer, I offer my services at a lower price point by avoiding the high overhead and staffing costs of many bloated, inefficient traditional design firms.

Hourly Rate Pricing varies by service:   

Residential Design - $55/hr



Furniture Selection

Commercial Design - $75/hr

Restaurants & Café's


Event Spaces


Hospitality Design - $80/hr

Vacation Rentals / Air BNB's

Investment Property

Hotels / Bed and Breakfasts

Multi-Unit Residential 

Custom contracts are available by request and appointment.  

The (literal) centerpiece that gives this space its haute aesthetic is the splurge purchase of a Calcutta Gold Marble slab for the center island countertop.