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Designer, Project Manager, Small Business Owner

When I first picked up a pencil, I started sketching everything from houses and cars, to cities and landscapes… and I never stopped. With age I realized I had a passion for shaping and creating the spaces around me. By the age of ten I was using the architectural software on my parents computer to design everything from the tree house we built in our back yard, to concepts of my dream house.

Following my passion, I pursued a degree in Architecture through the University of Hartford’s Architectural Engineering Technology (AET) degree program. Excelling in the program’s most competitive and rigorous design courses, and receiving guidance from the brilliant minds of my advisers and mentors, I identified my strengths and found my niche. While I built a strong foundation of knowledge, I also forged lifelong relationships that are unbreakable to this day.

Following eight successful years in the New York City + International luxury design sector, I’ve ventured out to form Jonathan Vincent Design, focusing on interior design consulting for commercial, hospitality and residential projects.

My approach to design is focused on understanding your frame of reference through developing a creative and collaborative relationship. Balancing emotion with functionality, I look at each space as a backdrop for the scenes of life.

New York City, Greenwich, Fairfield County, Westchester County, Suffolk County, Bergen County.